Terms & Conditions


ENROLMENT FORM: An enrolment form must be filled out on our website before commencement of classes. Students are entitled to one free trial class to place the student in the correct class for their ability and age group. Students are to see the front desk for a debrief on the class. Students classes CANNOT BE COMMENCED UNTIL FIRST MONTHLY BLOCK OF FEES HAVE BEEN PAID IN FULL and should fees not be paid in that 1st week your enrolment fee paid with enrolment will be forfeited and you will be required to pay the full amount of monthly fees.

PAYMENT OF FEES: Invoices are sent out by email at the end of each block of 4 weeks for the next monthly block. A 14 day payment plan applies. A late fee of $18 is automatically applied should invoices not be paid by the due date.
If you should miss a class for example through eisteddfod competition, illness, school camps, school musicals, agency jobs, family holidays or some other reason, the following alternatives are available for that class:-
It can be made up with a class of the same level at another time within that month / block.
It can be made up with a class of a higher and lower level at another time within that month.
Missed DLDC classes for eisteddfod competitions, school, family commitments including holidays or ANY other activities DO NOT get refunded or credited.
Arrangements for these “makeup” classes must be made through the desk and NOT through the teacher.

CANCELLATION OF CLASSES: DLDC reserves the right to cancel classes in emergencies without notice. Of course, all attempts will be made to inform students of any impending cancellations Once enrolled if a student wishes to cancel enrolment in any class/es, he or she must inform DLDC via an email addressed to admin@dldc.com.au. Enrolment in classes is assumed until the end of 2020. One entire block’s notice and fee payment is required from the date DLDC receives notification of cancellation by the student. Therefore, if a student wants to cancel from a class in Block 4 (for example) you must send an email to notify DLDC before the last date of the block. The student is then committed to pay for Block 5 and cancellation from the class/es and cessation of billing then takes effect from the beginning of Block 6.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons may be arranged in any of the above classes. See Desk regarding teachers and costs of private lessons. You will be directed from there on the procedure for booking and payment of these lessons.

LOST PROPERTY: All lost property is placed in plastic container and unclaimed clothing is given to charity at the end of each term. D.L.D.C. will not be held responsible for any property lost or left at the studio. Teachers will not accept responsibility for looking after property belonging to students eg. watches and jewellery. Students are asked not to wear jewellery into class but if they insist then they must take responsibility for that jewellery.

PARENT’S VIEWING: Parent’s week for viewing classes will be in the final week of each school term. Spectators are asked to quietly sit in the classroom and watch the last class of term in progress. Spectators are not allowed in the classroom at other times, including rehearsals. Should you wish to speak with the teachers at any time, arrangements must be made through reception. Parent’s week may be cancelled at the discretion of the Principal. Once you have entered the classroom, you are required to remain seated and silent (this includes other children). DLDC reserves the right to cancel viewing week without notice.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: Classes will not be conducted on public holidays. Classes WILL be as usual on all ‘pupil free days’ as scheduled by the Queensland Education Department. Classes missed due to public holidays
2020 Conditions of enrolment agreement (as at 1 January 2020)
will either be rescheduled or can be made up by attending other classes of your choice within the same week as the missed class.

No food or drinks allowed in studios or front reception. Food is restricted to Rec. Room at the rear.
All rubbish must be placed in bins provided
Children (students and visitors) are requested not to run or play inside the building or in the car park. DLDC takes no responsibility for the wellbeing of students or visitors who do not adhere to this rule.
No bad language or loud behaviour in and around the Centre
Noise within the Reception area to be kept to a minimum so that business can be conducted at the front desk without disruption.
Students must wait in the rear waiting area for commencement of class or for parents to pick them up at end of class.
No students are allowed to sit in on classes in which they are not participating
All equipment (chairs, stools, mats, windows, fans etc.) should be treated with respect and replaced to its proper position at the conclusion of class
No one is allowed within any of the three studios unless accompanied by a staff member
No chewing gum permitted on the premises.


I have read and understood the 2020 Fee terms/payment conditions, including class makeups, public holidays, rescheduled classes and cancellations.
I authorise DLDC to seek appropriate medical attention in the event that the participant is injured. I agree to indemnify and release DLDC and their teachers for costs in seeking medical attention for my child in 2020. I understand that the classes may be photographed for archival and marketing purposes. I agree to the above terms and conditions.

AGREEMENT: I have read and understood the above conditions of enrolment. I agree to be bound by these conditions. I understand that DLDC Pty Ltd reserves the right to take appropriate action to ensure its integrity.