CSTD Jazz Classes

At DLDC we teach a CSTD syllabus to all our Jazz students.

Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance (CSTD) is one of the great International Dance Societies, proudly serving dance for over 77 years.
Whether your child wants to take their dance to the next level as their career path, or they want to participate as fun fitness each week, these technique classes are always fun, challenging and rewarding.

Through the CSTD, DLDC teach the following syllabi:

PMJ, JMJ, MJ1 – 8 – Modern Jazz CSTD exam syllabus class

Students are taught the syllabi for each level progressing from Pre Modern Jazz (PMJ) and Junior Modern Jazz (JMJ) then on to Modern Jazz One to Eight (MJ1 – 8). The final levels of this syllabi culminate in students of 17 years of age and over gaining their teacher’s qualifications. Students jazz work is guaranteed to strengthen whilst bodies become more flexible. Coordination and style are strongly developed. This is the syllabus which led 2 out of the 3 winners from So You Think You Can Dance to their great success. Highly recommended for all students who love different jazz styles and strong jazz technique.


We encourage all our students to complete their CSTD exams as they achieve so much by doing so. They build confidence, discipline, and technique and for decades we have had 98% of our students achieving the very top marks in these exams.
While we encourage it, we also understand some students just love the class for the energy and challenge. So we invite anyone into these technique classes and have a great time without the commitment to exams.

When you join DLDC and complete your free trial, our qualified teachers will make sure your child is placed in the right class level for the ability and age. We make sure everyone is happy with this class choice, as we know there is the perfect class for every dancer!

Commercial Jazz / Hip Hop

Perfect for all those who are starting out in dance and wish to develop their co-ordination further or for those wanting to keep up their fitness and find a new social circle with a common interest. These classes are different each week, with small combinations being taught.
Popular Tik-Tok music is danced to and is the perfect start for beginners.  

Contact the studio for more information on the CSTD course & commercial Jazz/Hip Hop classes.