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D.L.D.C.15 hours ago
Spotlight on Dana 💫
This is a very late, but special post to all give a standing ovation on an absolutely magnificent career to one of our DLDC family!

We could go on, but pleasetake a read of the The Australian Ballet write up on their website.
We are so proud to be apart of the beginning of Dana’s journey, and the first place she fell in love with dance!

Last two 📸 were of Dana’s final performance in London at the Royal Opera House for the Australian Ballet’s 60th Anniversary of Balanchine’s ‘Jewel’ 🩰
Davidia’s daughter (Tamra) and grand daughter (Lola) were in attendance, to celebrate the close of a beautiful chapter with Dana 🌸
D.L.D.C.7 days ago
Babes in blue, heading into their Jazz Exam last year 🩵
Bring on ‘24 exam season… we can’t wait!
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