Junior & Senior

Junior & Senior Dance at Mansfield
6 – 18 years

DLDC provides the best environment for all dancers, singers, and actors to help develop their skills and take their abilities to the next level. From beginners to advanced/professional performers DLDC can cater for everyone interested in performing arts in all its forms. Our fully air-conditioned studios are the only place you could ever want to be, our dedicated team of professional staff will help propel your skills and bring out your full potential. With more than 3 decades of putting professional performers into contracts the world over you know you are in the right hands.

When you begin your dance journey with us, our teachers will take their time in your trial class to decide the best class for your child. Beginner or advanced, there is always that initial class which helps both student and teacher find the right fit..

We have many styles of classes available at our Mansfield Studio

  • Group classes
    Classic Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acrobatics and Hip Hop.
  • Private classes
  • Beginner to advanced
  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
    Classical Ballet Exams
  • Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance (CSTD)
    Jazz, Tap & Musical Theatre Exams
  • Performance teams
    Competitions and professional performance work


Junior classes at New Farm

Newly opened and already immensely popular is our afternoon school dance program at Holy Spirit School located in the heart of New Farm. These Junior classes are from 6 years up to 13 years and are targeted at Primary school students.

With a super fun and safe environment, the classes run after school and allow the children to learn new & exciting creative skills. They build confidence, discipline, memory retention skills, while doing functional, full body fitness. Our qualified teachers will use technique taken from the CSTD and RAD exams and build a fun class around this. Each week the children will learn a blend of stretching, technique, and fun combos, along with creating fun memories with their friends.

Styles of classes on offer at New Farm Studio

  • Classical Ballet
  • Jazz / Hip Hop
  • Performance opportunities
    DLDC Live (end of year show) & professional performance work

Feel free to click below and read more in depth about our dance styles.

Musical Theatre


Tap Dancing


Classical Ballet


Contemporary & Lyrical


Hip Hop




Competition Troupes


Professional Performances